That's So Sixties

Here’s where you tell me why I’m hopelessly old fashioned

The virtues of Spam

In an age where “Spam” has become a word for unwanted e-mail, I must defend the virtues of this canned meat product. Spam is marketed by the Hormel meat company. It consists of ground up and cooked pork shoulders. It is high in protein and fat content and...
Male Plumage

Male Plumage

It’s sad to see the distinctive necktie disappearing. Forget,  for the moment, that neckties appeared in history to keep men’s shirts clean. In the fabulous Sixties, even a man condemned to wear a gray flannel suit e could make a statement with a brilliant...

Once Around the Pomade

Dear Granpedia, before using pomade, you should try to blow dry your hair just once P.C. Dear P.C., Okay but “just once”.