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Young whippersnapper that disagrees with the Old Timer

CO VID-19Wuhan

Hey old timer, since young folks aren’t getting sick with Corona virus, why should we limit our activities? LWG  


OK whippersnappers, Listen up! You’ve got a major Frenemy out there and its called technology.  Technology comes as a Friend by giving you labor saving devices. Technology comes as an enemy when it prevents you from laboring at all. If you don’t labor at...

One equals two

Calling all whippersnappers who think they know algebra!  Granpa has proved that one equals two!  Any objections?
Death for Horse Thieves?

Death for Horse Thieves?

Hey Old Timer, no one should be hung just for stealing a horse S.A. Dear S.A., In the Old West, to have your horse stolen on the western plains usually meant that you died of thirst or got scalped by the Comanches. What penalty would you impose?