Overheard at the Saloon

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Do Cheaters Prosper?

There’s quite a bit of gambling going on here at the saloon. Lots of folks play poker and dice games are also popular. As a rule, money changes hands without a problem.  However, if someone is suspected of cheating, that’s a different story.  Then...

Politics in Glory USA

If business is decided on the Golf Course, politics is pursued at the Saloon. Here in Glory we have two opposing parties; The Sheepmen and the Cattlemen. The Sheepman want open ranges to graze their flocks.  Cattlemen want  sections of the range fenced off to deter...
How ’bout Them Electric Cars?

How ’bout Them Electric Cars?

Popular questions of the day. Here’s one: Should the U.S. switch to all electric cars? How about all electric horses which emit no green house gases? Yes, we should switch to all electric cars ASAP R.D.