Bite The Bullet

Modern Medicine for Ageless Ailments

Corona virus comes to Glory USA

Attention all Citizens: A bad illness has broken out among the Chinese workers building our nearby railroad. We think they got it from eating Armadillo (a relative of the Spiny Anteater from their native land). Doc  Wally recommends that you avoid eating Anteaters but...

Why did folks “Bite the Bullet”?

In the old days the closest thing to anesthesia was whiskey.  It also helped to bite something hard to distract from the pain of a medical procedure (like removing an arrowhead).


In the Old West, the town doctor had to deal with T.B., Diphtheria, Snake bite, Lead Poisoning (gunshot wounds) and Lacerations from incomplete scalping’s. Anesthesia was simple and had no side effects. It was called “Bite the Bullet”. Hey Doc Wally, what did...