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Welcome to my internet ranch, Granpedia! Owner: Wallace J. Schwam. Brand: WJS

Hello family and friends. This will introduce my new website “”. In it, I will try to share my lifetime of experience with all who may be interested. As you know, Grandpa Wally is older than time itself and so there’s a lot to talk about. At the same time, I  want to hear from all of our young people . Young folks are especially tuned to what’s new. Whenever, I try to type on my I phone using my thumbs, I realize that I’ve got a lot to learn from my grandkids. In short, Granpedia is where ancient wisdom and new ideas come together. This site will have a “Western Twang” . That’s because I like Western traditions. that stress self-reliance and a “Can Do” spirit. Old guys like me will be referred to as “Old Timers”. Senior ladies will be “Diamond Lil’s”. And those under twenty years of age will be referred to as “Young Whippersnappers”. This is all in fun! We’re going to have fun. Don’t get uptight about anything.

At the same time, there will be serious discussions which will appear under the heading ”City Slickers Selling Snake Oil?” . Here, I welcome controversy. There will be no “Safe Spaces” and no Teddies to hug. However, profanity and personal attacks will not be permitted. Logical reasoning, especially when bolstered with evidence, will always have priority. We will avoid personal politics. However, discussions of Civics and political theories can be addressed. Comments to the editor, that’s me, should begin with “Dear Granpedia”, “Dear Grandpa”, or “Hey Old Timer”. However, our Blog can include anything on the Granpedia Site. Whipper Snappers can disagree under “Sass Back”. A lot of our action takes place in the town of “Glory” U.S.A.  Glory is the last outpost of civilization in the Western territory. It’s where the railroad ends and the unknown begins.  Are you ready?



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